Trümp/Pants Yard Signs Are Spreading across My Neighborhood like . . .

Photo by mana5280 on Unsplash

. . . Covid-19 at the Rose Garden cemetery {sic} ceremony. Two new ones were up the day after it was announced that Trümp had paid only $750 in federal income tax during the first two years of his presidency. Three more yesterday, all in a row, in the yards of lower-middle income home owners with Golden Retrievers. How do they explain that to their dogs?

I’d love to train my dogs to poop on their front porches. But I digress.

Just saw on Fox News the video of President Trümp’s triumphant return to the White House. This is what really happened according to Hannity Bear: “Marine One hovered 20 yards above the reflecting pool at the Lincoln Memorial. POTUS jumped from the helicopter and landed smoothly on the water, turning to salute the pilot as he rose into the sky. He then walked on the water up to the Lincoln Memorial where he got down on his knees and asked his second favorite president to forgive the misguided Lincoln Project team.

From there, he sprinted the 1.7 miles back to the White House, without breaking a sweat. He is the most fit president ever.”

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