“You’re still in here? Don’t forget we have a hiking date at 10:00.”


TORTIOGRAPH — a graph of misspelled Spanish words. “How do you say tortilla in Spanish?”

AROISOPHONE — Ordering arroz from the local Mexican restaurante via phone.

POODLEBOX — Where Mike Pence lived after his VP term ended.

MINDMOND — Rasta slang for — Do you mind, man, passing that ganga?

HEPATOTROPH — New robo-vacuum with a hepa filter, will clean up after your tots, and your cat who just rophed on the new carpet.

AMYSIN — Amazon when the new CEO takes over.

Gottago — thiswuzfun — thanksED https://medium.com/centina-pentina/the-diarassia-not-taken-1beae2b02876

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