the mighty m-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i and mark twain.

that's what i knew from growing up in san diego. got extra credit in english class for my tom sawyer assignment. later, i failed miserably in the class spelling bee. i spelled 'against' wrong. i forgot the s. embarasado, i sat down, pregnant with de feet.

i never read mark twain after that.

many moons passed. i moved to carson city, nv, one of the first restaurants we went to was the (cheap) buffet in the ormsby house. italian night, western night, and cheap prime rib. i don't eat much meat anymore.

at the ormsby house was a sign, "mark twain slept here". he slept in virginia city, too. he slept everywhere. that's not what they taught us in junior high school.

samuel clemmens' brother's house is in downtown carson city. 'the historic district' - it's haunted.

the mayor really should do something about it, but she never listened to her maid of 12 years. she likes to cut ribbons.

psst, just google 'mark twain virginia city' - marty won't let me.

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