Somewhere along the way, our paths might have crossed:) I grew up in San Diego. Thought I'd never live anywhere else, "patented San Diego day" - 72 degrees, May Grey , June gloom, spend July at La Jolla shores boogey-boarding. Then in my 20's I spent summer vacations in Mexico - at a beach of course - Playa Blanca, Mazatlan, Cancun and Tulum before it was the Mexican Riviera,. San Diego is just way too cold. It snowed once and the snow melted before it touched the ground.

Now I live in the high desert of northern Nevada. A week after we moved here it snowed on Labor Day. I can get used to this - winter starts in September - okie dokie. One winter, it was so cold, the oil in our underground tank gelled and we didn't have a working heater for three days.

In 2017, Mount Rose had 70 feet of snow. Some years the snow is measured in inches rather than feet. We had a good snowstorm this year at the beginning of November. Then pretty dry and warm. Now for three days, it's been snowing -

My dogs are Labs, so of course, we run in the snow everyday. And like your shoelaces in the tool box, I have snow shoes in my shed - I've never worm them yet - today's the day. - our Christmas tree - it's almost 6' tall now. We planted it two years ago - the year we got a male dog - you know how they are with trees in the house.

Her writing muse lurks in the volcanic hills amidst mustangs, marmots and jackalopes. While hiking with her dogs, Ann stumbles upon stories of dark humor.