deluded custodians : april challenge : $20 prize : deadline, 30/04/23


Ann James
2 min readMar 14, 2023

anything goes in this month’s d. c. challenge. free verse : sonnets : slam : acrostic : limerick : ode : dribbles : drabbles : micro-fiction : any language

Photo by Jonathan Larson on Unsplash

April showers bring Mayflowers

The tribe should have sent the boat people away

The usual rules — build an altar to Smillew Rahcuef if you haven’t already done so. Examples here:

Rex Corgi having a WTF Moment. Image of the Smillew Shrine by the security cam in the kitchen.

by Robert Gowty

‘all hail smillew’ — ‘the subpub’ writers (deluded custodians) : penguin and turtles by tio arturo

by Ann James

Abby and Jewels made a shrine. It’s all about love.

by Susan Wheelock’s puppies

please leave a link to your entry in the responses.



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