next time you're in the hood, hang around for a while. Mrs. Jackson was lookin' for Mustang Sally and she missed you. you can't do that to the old lady. she wants to play fútbol con los amigos Aztecas, hacer un la dia de artes con sam's club y talk to neighbors on her front porch cuz you knows the internet gonna crash soon. (2023).

at least Ted Gianoless -- no, i don't remember how to spell his last name - it's not an easy one like French, mi amigo de Acapulco -- will be at at 50th high school reunion, or will he? I am curious (yellow). maybe you could ask him. he only answers my chicken scratches once every eight years. that means i gotta wait until 2029. Do you think he'll go to Hoover High School, class of '72 reunion in his costume? nobody will recognize him. will they all be wearing masks? will they play "Jump" by dead eddie? Listen to the Music by Doobie Brothers? never mind - that's already in my open letter to Ted Giannolessesses.

yes, the wi-fi sucks here - it's all the mountain ranges and net neutrality - talk to jon oliver about this. no, Leon - elon is not in his tesla circling the moons of jupiter. he is sleeping in a tent on top of his gigafactory in stead. not, instead, in sparks or whatever the f*$#K that horrible rv city is out side of podunk, NV. fernly - between 2 ferns, no, that's not it.

being your sekertary is exhausting.

i quit!

Her writing muse lurks in the volcanic hills amidst mustangs, marmots and jackalopes. While hiking with her dogs, Ann stumbles upon stories of dark humor.