in response to martin french (juan pablo martinez) about . . . tilling the fertile fields of the high desert where the kanabyss lady turns sagebrush into potted plants. or sogging through the marshes of ireland.

you should be coaching mikey on his stand-up. i am.

after you run this by your third wife - the one who is a lawyer - tell mikey that yesterday i called mo white. i had been on-line all f*cking morning -kinda like today - deja vu - neo -

i didn't have his (mo's) contact info on my phone. went on line, pulled up maurice white - yeah, that's his real name. called his number. whie i'm waiitng i'm looking at maurice white - earth, wind and fire - home page. by the time, mo's message is over - have a nice day - and i leave my message for him- right back at ya - i am so enthralled with maurice white that the first thing i tell maurice white 'mo' is im sorry you're dead. (i had to shut down maurice white's earth, wind, and fire maurice white to leave a slightly coherent message. . ."i talked to you a couple of weeks ago." (medium - do these look like the notes of a sane person?) i left my name and my phone number.

my smart phone isn't working today - not like he's going to call me back anyway. he is busy with members of ccpe and the mayor. . . possibly.

my car is still in the garage (honda dealer) after my breakdown (the car) not my nervous breakdown. i was over that a month ago.

oh, and tell mikey, the last clip i saw was the one in belgium, tough crowd (a**holels). glad he lost weight after that. i liked the part about the sex thing - stuffing tubes down his throat while he's naked. he should have performed this at georgia's. he would have gotten big laughs. rotflmao laughs.

bigger than the good old days at moonlite bunny ranch. none of the girls wanted to do the male strippers, so one of them (the male strippers, not the working girls) propositioned me - in the kitchen. well, i took out the butcher knife - and i told him . . .no, i didn't do that. security was watching football. i told him, dentures on or dentures off? no, that's not what i told him. no recuerdo nada.

back to mikey - he could have had any one of the working girls at georgia's. but he's not here, or is he? is he in my basement again?

i play "how big is my garden" all. the . time. don't tell him that. is that kale he's pulling from his pack in tammy waynette?

love the dracula joke. must be his (students) (fans) (fans of his students) (or students of his fans) in the club. he didn't even 'like' my comments from 3 weeks ago, so i just left another one. so cute how he gets embarrassed when one of the guys yells at him about publishing 'edifice complex' . yes! the girl at 2:00 - self-publishing - you go, girl! maybe mikey could self-publish on he just gots to get his sweet ass back here and open a profile page . . .

and "warning, will robinson" don't publish with amajon - bezos will embezzle all (his)(your)(our) money. you know how much he lost in the divorce.

at 1:54, i can't understand what that lady at the back is saying. what language is she speaking? in english it sounds like: 'give 'em hellfire blue.' does that make sense?

maybe he's busy with new material?

Her writing muse lurks in the volcanic hills amidst mustangs, marmots and jackalopes. While hiking with her dogs, Ann stumbles upon stories of dark humor.

Her writing muse lurks in the volcanic hills amidst mustangs, marmots and jackalopes. While hiking with her dogs, Ann stumbles upon stories of dark humor.