Ann James
Nov 16, 2022


i cannae belive i missed this one. it was during my hiatus, i guess.

bragging: i edited frank’s other book - 'the therapist'.

i bought 'ball bag' last week. i'm gonna tell frankie you're a cheap basturd, just like Uvebruce and Mike.

i read wertenberg's third book last week. i should write a review, but i suck at writing reviews. will you ghost write it for me?

i was going to use his review of my book, but it doesn't work this time around.

- damsel en distress en calzoncillos

and no, i'm not sending you coffee money. i rejoined medium.coma using your referral link.

UO me.

and i'm gonna tell ever'one.

- angie, room 69, domingo tranquilo, acapulco



Ann James

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