max bear, jr. (jethro ¿bodine?) owns max casino in carson city. probably a few others. - maybe bodine's - mudder phucker - my friend from peru who worked at g.e. (the one in minden, not in moundhouse) was learning his long i silent e. "bo-dIn". if the bodines own bodine's and max and the awful greasy spoon restaurant in max's, then they can afford to buy the ormsby house and reopen it. and get some 4-star chefs for the buffet. carson city needs revenue. (but not from slaughterhouses) - this message is for mo white.

Photo by Ankhesenamun on Unsplash — this little guy showed up when i unsplashed “earth, wind and fire”

@marty, i only googled once. i should not have cheated. lo siento. mucho. i will get some more animales for mikey's ark. ahora.