here in the high desert, our seasons are erratic. we have been posting fotos of the floods for opposition to the $inister $inclares - i don't have pics from the great flood of 1990 something - 3 feet of wet snow before Xmas, then a long rain - nice, nice flooding.

the hawthorn tree in front of our house looked like a giganitc freakin' snowcone. a whole lot of people could not get out of their driveway and those who did should not have.

have you ever seen a dooley on the side of the road?

another winter, i drove to reno to fly to san diego to spend a week with my cousins. I was at a friend's house in Carson City, perched above the hell's bells farm land while she was matting my wild horse foto for me - her pic - Robin Travis, a blue/grey mat and the frame made by my husband is hanging in our exercise/office room. i was mesmerized by the steady snowfall . when i drove to the airport later that day, snow was fairly clear from the highway. i didn't even white-knuckle drive - it was not bad. a dooley had skidded and pulled off to the side of the highway.

i miss our big snowstorms. the winters have been mild. we did have our atmospheric river - 36 hours of rain a couple of weeks ago. Ziggy loved walking in it - no, Ziggy is not a cat. he is a bear.

what i really hate is hibernating in summertime. we hardly went to tahoe last summer because of the f%!&g california wildfires.

carry on my wayward son.

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