Deep Pockets

Hello, Mai?


Our flight. It is delayed.

How long?

No sure.

Bad weather?

No. Your grandmother throw coins at airplane engine for good luck prayer. I am sorry. I should have checked her coat pockets before we left.

Not your fault, Qi Yuan. You’ve been wonderful to Nainai. Last time she was in Reno, she smuggled chicken wings from the buffet in her pockets. Then she left her coat at our house when we went to Lake Tahoe for three days. Didn’t smell too good.

We are in waiting area. Very crowded. More people for next flight come. She is telling everyone about her last trip to America when she walk on water.

Eight years ago — who could forget? Does she still have the photo of passengers standing on the wing?

Oh, yes. It is very worn. Thin like spring roll wrapper. She pass it around now. Some people angry to her. Most are kind. What you doing?

Shopping at Costco. Looking for trail socks. They keep moving things.

You look in freezer?

Funny girl. Where would you look for sorbet?

Hmm. . .maybe dog food aisle.

The wonton samples are good.

Don’t buy any. I make for you, fresh. When we finally there.

Mmm. Sounds good. There are long lines at the cashiers. You might still beat us.

Delay here. Then two more flights to catch. Maybe we be in Reno in one week.

Shoot. I left my purse in the car. I only have my Costco card in my pocket . . . and gum wrappers, a lotto ticket, two casino vouchers, coins, half a protein bar . . . it’s stale.

Her writing muse lurks in the volcanic hills amidst mustangs, marmots and jackalopes. While hiking with her dogs, Ann stumbles upon stories of dark humor.

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