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dear victor

Ann James
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Victor Cardenas: Lo siento, Esmeralda. I cannot meet with you. I’m sorry, I’ve been very busy investigating missing mediums and turtles. I’ve recently learned what happened to Paco, Miguel and Juana. It is something I would tell you in person, but that is not possible.

The Swedish man was a doctor in Seattle, Washington. A well-known and beloved surgeon by many. He had a dark side. Addicted to cocaine, he recruited children from the streets in Rio to work in his fields. He took your brothers and sister to his estate in Seattle where they were home-schooled and lived a life of luxury. When the boys were old enough, he sent them to flight training.

After Dr. Erikson died, his ruthless son, Bjorn, took over his drug empire. Paco and Miguel were his pilots, flying cocaine in his Cessna to Seattle every month. A short time after Bjorn’s wife left him, the flights were erratic. Paco claimed there was a man in the rain forest who attempted to highjack the plane. Bjorn found his ex living in the Sierra Nevada foothills in Calzoncillos, Nevada. He took over her home, keeping her, her baby, and your sister hostage.

There is a man who goes by the moniker of “Rain Forest Jim”. He has told the story of Bjorn, Sarah, your brothers and sister to Ann James. She wrote it as a fiction novel many years ago.

She is in witness protection en Calzoncillos. She will contact you soon.

Vaya con Dios,


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