Two giraffes in a Geo, a dust devil looming on the horizon. What could possibly go wrong?

A Questionnaire for the 2020 Mayoral Candidates — Carson City, NV

I rarely pay attention to local politics, but my interest was piqued a few years ago when Dennis Hof, (brothel owner, a.k.a. ‘business man’) was elected to the State Assembly posthumously with an overwhelming 63.1% of the vote. His home in Washoe Valley had burned to the ground by a controlled fire on his birthday two years before his death at the Love Ranch from a heart attack two days after his 72nd birthday.

And so it goes . . .

Which network do you tune in to for the news?

As a role model for your neighbors, which of the following do you feel is best for the environment in your own front yard?


Grass and trees

Would you consider and promote a local volunteer group of people who plant vegetables and maintain it? (See “We Rise” by Xi Martinez)

Do you believe that the Corona Virus, despite its devastating effect on humans and the economy, is a reset? What could come next? Think of Carson City as a leader in small city living — its open spaces, historic district, its viability for wind and solar energy.

What do you know about Holistic Management?

Do you think tobacco smoking is good for you?

Do you recycle? Why/why not?

What do you think should be taught to students about Kit Carson?

Who do you support in the presidential election 2020? Why?

Her writing muse lurks in the volcanic hills amidst mustangs, marmots and jackalopes. While hiking with her dogs, Ann stumbles upon stories of dark humor.

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