hahaha - lookie there - just held down clap and released it randomly - stopped at 69. this happens more than you know.

have you ever lived in nevada? we have legal gambling and those places where idiots with dicks (all men) can get freaky with i.c.'s in legal brothels. they're closed or partially closed. i haven't researched it lately. sent ed robson out to do it and he never got back to me except for some strange gibberish a couple of weeks ago. buy hey, he was in lax. a few guys from here were there - at lax - do you know 'what's going on?' - marvin gaye or playing for change.

please keep in touch. https://annjames-20427.medium.com/notas-para-mis-amigos-aka-75ec23643fce

tag - you're it! smillew rahcuef

anyway we all know who the world's first trillionaire is, or do we?

you think i wanna be the first trillionaire?

i made $16 on medium in the last two months, and i am sleep-deprived, having lucid dreams and my dog was stoned friday. he's fine now. he was fine yesterday already. he ate, he pooped, he went for the bunny walk and a walk-about downtown, where the local govt seems more concerned about widening the sidewalks than they do about the rest of the city. clusterf*ck housing is going up everywhere.

damn you, for dragging me into politics. again.

p.s. angie is wating for you. she is playing "stop dragging my heart around" by stevie nicks and tom petty. and georgia got you two 12 brand spanking new swivel chairs. made in u.s.a., wherever that is.


thanks, don. (your) (my) (his) secret's safe with me.

mudder f*cker, living in costa rica -

which wife is he living with in costa rica?

i will pay you all my karma on scribophile para mas informacion.

and i might even write some of 'snowboots and stilettos' to :Day.

after i go through another 50 notifications.

only 118 followers? medium doesn't know you very well, do they?

did you like the songs katie selected yesterday?

p.s. - remind me if i forget, kaite and i are identical twins. we look like april.

xoxoxo x - carrie ann

Ann James

Ann James


Her writing muse lurks in the volcanic hills amidst mustangs, marmots and jackalopes. While hiking with her dogs, Ann stumbles upon stories of dark humor.